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  Tangshan hongzheng machinery equipment co., LTD., founded in October 2013, is located at no. 230 cao xueqin east road, fengrun district, tangshan city (formerly the courtyard of tangshan xingda silk co., LTD.), covering an area of 7.7 mu.

  The total investment is 30 million yuan and the total construction area is 11,000 square meters.

Is the production of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel products processing and welding products, glass steel products and all kinds of tooling design and production of comprehensive manufacturing enterprises.

  Main business and product coverage: more than 200 aluminum welded structural parts for high-speed emu;

  More than 100 aluminum alloy and stainless steel welding products for metro, and integrated products of frame in driver's cab and fiberglass locomotiv...

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